Youtube Views: How Do You Count The Initial Ones?

YouTube views are counted directly by the platform in this way. To avoid that the views are “false”, in the sense that they do not correspond to actual users who connect to the site to see the shared video, YouTube carries out a sort of filter during the first two hours after sharing. For this reason, the view counter may be slow at first, meaning it may measure fewer views than it actually is. This serves, as anticipated, to avoid inflated figures due to the use of incorrect systems, such as the use of computer programs aimed precisely at increasing the views.

After checking the first YouTube views, the subsequent ones are counted normally. YouTube, however, does not change the number of views in real-time: in other words, the counter is updated periodically, on a regular basis, but not instantaneously with every single view.

How are YouTube views calculated? It is not easy to answer this question, as YouTube is constantly changing its algorithms. In general, however, in order to consider a visualization valid and real, we rely on these filters:

  • IP address, i.e. the identification of the computer making the visit;
  • direct access to the video;
  • duration of the visit: to accredit the view it is necessary to stop on the page for at least forty seconds.

In a nutshell, what has been said means that if you really like a movie and watch it ten times, it is very likely that YouTube will credit only one view?

YouTube reserves the right to check the views even after they have been formally attributed, i.e. registered on the counter: if some of them were to be anomalous, they would still be subtracted.

How does YouTube check the regularity of the views, that is, to know that each view corresponds to a real user? You need to know that the views are validated using complex algorithms to ensure that the views are real and accurate. For this reason, as explained in the previous paragraph, it may happen that the counter “spins” less quickly than expected: for this reason, it may happen that the views, instead of increasing, decrease, or do not correspond to the traffic recorded by tools such as YouTube Analytics, which monitors the performance of your personal channel and shared videos.

For all these reasons, you should not be surprised if Youtube does not calculate as real views those made continuously by your computer, as well as the Plays that always start from the same stations: if it were that simple, it would be enough to instruct some people to always view the same video in loop. , or, more simply, rely on software that performs this activity. The YouTube algorithms are aimed precisely at unmasking these tricks and inserting in the counter only real views, which correspond to new and interested users in the movie.