Does Re-Watching A Video On Youtube Count As A View?

In general terms, the legitimate viewing discourse holds true. If the same person sees a video a second time, it is very likely that a second view will be counted. However, if the same person starts watching and re-watching the video over and over again (especially if it is a video with few views) then likely those views will not be counted because they will be interpreted as an attempt to increase the count.

After answering the most frequently asked questions, let’s finally go back to the four points of view I told you about at the beginning, because they also affect how you count views and ultimately how views work on YouTube.

From the point of view of those who manage a YouTube channel and upload a video, views, as I also tell you in this article, now count for very little.

And they matter very little for the simple fact that YouTube’s algorithms now rely on other indicators to understand if a video is appreciated or not.

After all, what is visualization? From YouTube’s point of view, it is simply a video that is played. But YouTube, simply based on the fact that a device is playing a video, cannot know if someone is in front of that screen, let alone if that someone is attentive.

So what?

And therefore to understand if a video is interesting, it also evaluates other parameters. Basically, it evaluates what the viewing session is and in particular the Session Watch Time.

In other words, it analyzes the user’s behavior during the entire period in which he is connected to YouTube.

That is, it analyzes that user when they watch your video, but also when they watch the video after yours, and the one after again, and so on.

And then analyze his reactions while viewing. Does the user rate the video with a like or a dislike? Comment? Do you respond to other comments? This is the information that matters.

As I said above, for the public the number of views is one of the few parameters to evaluate and in particular the easiest. So it is the one most taken up by other media, but with a little effort, you can see at least how many likes and dislikes a video has.

In the following image, for example, a video by AchilleLaurois much discussed in Sanremo 2020. Do you see how many interactions?

One of those videos that we could almost define as viral.

Yes, those could be bought too, to tell the truth, but the software is able to recognize the fictitious interactions more easily than the fictitious views …

And we humans can also better evaluate the quality by reading the comments.

The contents (the videos of the channels) can be anticipated by advertising, can be interrupted in several moments by advertisements, and can also end with advertising.

Advertising, in this case, is itself a video, but from the viewer’s point of view, certainly, the number of views of that advertising video is not interesting.

However, if you want this is information available. How?

How do YouTube views work for ads?

Simple (at least, this is what you have to do from a PC ). Just a click with the right mouse button on the video. A context menu like the one in the figure below will appear (it is important to do this while the advertising video is playing).

Then select the item ” Copy debug info “.

Caution. By selecting this item, apparently, nothing happens. In reality, YouTube will have copied a whole range of information to your computer’s clipboard.