How Many Views Does It Take To Live As A Youtube Creator?

It has been estimated by that monthly there is an average of about 85 thousand Google searches focused on “How to make money on YouTube?” (how to make money on YouTube?) which is matched by about 35 thousand others who wonder “how to montize YouTube videos?” (how to monetize youtube videos?).

For those who are not aware of it, the first step to being able to earn money through YouTube is to have a channel that reaches the entry thresholds imposed by the YouTube Partner Program set in a minimum number of at least one thousand subscribers, combined with over four thousand hours. views over the past twelve months.

It follows that it is not enough to have gone viral with a single video, but a constant presence is needed which is then followed by a starting fan base with which advertisers can then get in touch thanks to their advertising.

Having a successful channel is therefore the key to making money and it should come as no surprise that the question “how to create a YouTube channel?” (how to create a YouTube channel) is googled over 180,000 times in a month worldwide.

In addition, all these considerations, especially as regards the count of hours of content used, must respect the copyright policy dictated by the video giant purchased by Google in 2006 (for 1.65 billion dollars), avoiding proposing infringing material. the copyright or that violates other guidelines for the publication of their own creatives.

To deepen the panorama of earnings derived from YouTube, we at Info Data followed up on an analysis conducted by Reboot Online Marketing based on the data made available by licked. co with the aim of establishing how many views would be needed by YouTubers. to balance their annual salary on the basis of the country of origin.

Depending on what is the point of view with which to observe the numbers, it is clear that those who live in countries on average “rich” will necessarily need more views to be able to maintain the standard of average salary, but the data are mainly used to convert the salary in what is effectively a universal unit of measurement, namely YouTube viewing.

Those who have approached this world should be familiar with the first challenges they face when deciding to open a channel from nothing and, as Reboot Online Marketing also suggests, there is some food for thought that can help on the path to what, as mentioned, for many is seen as a potentially very profitable profession without too much real effort.

As we are often advised, even in this case, we should ask ourselves the “why” we want to open a channel since the goal of earning money can be one of many, but certainly not the only one, especially when at the beginning the prospect of monetization is only a distant goal.

Here, therefore, should come into play the passion for the type of content to be created with which to create that fundamental bond with one’s fan base which, especially in the long term, should become the starting point for a constant volume of traffic (and possibly increasing) over time.

Without going into the technicalities of editorial strategies that can easily include the possibility of investing money to ensure greater exposure in order to increase the visibility of what is in effect a product, one of the most popular suggestions is to stay always in step with the times, trying to exploit any trends of the moment and providing their own point of view in the context in which content is created.…